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Meal in One Plate

Discover Chicken Over Rice Co. – San Diego's Fresh Mediterranean Sensation

From Local Markets to Your Plate

Welcome to Chicken Over Rice Co., where our story is as rich and flavorful as the dishes we serve.

Born in the bustling atmosphere of San Diego’s farmers markets in 2016, our journey has been one of passion, dedication, and a deep love for Mediterranean cuisine. Today, we are thrilled to have planted our roots with our first physical location, right here in the vibrant city of San Diego.

 Rich and flavorful as the dishes
Chicken and Vegetables
 Rich and flavorful as the dishes

What Makes Us Unique

Ever since our humble beginnings, we've been dedicated to bringing you an unparalleled dining experience. We are more than just a restaurant – we are innovators of taste and culinary excitement. Our food is a celebration of Mediterranean traditions, infused with a modern twist that caters to the health-conscious and flavor-seeking foodies of San Diego.

We stand out because

We Put Freshness First

We believe the best meals start with the freshest ingredients. Our produce is sourced locally. Each dish is bursting with natural flavors and nutrients.

We’re Where Health Meets Taste

Our menu is designed with your well-being in mind. Every meal is a balanced blend of proteins, vegetables, and grains, offering a nutritious yet delicious dining experience.

We Add a Personal Touch

We value the connection with our guests. Each dish is not only a serving of food but also a piece of our heart and heritage.

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